Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2021 PA West State Cup tournament for the age group.
U19 Boys 5 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Beadling
Beadling Boys Showcase 2002
0C03-003CB02-7341   Adam Mitchell
 A2 FC Pittsburgh
FC Pittsburgh 03/02B Gold
0C05-1991B02-2035   Nathan Richter
 A3 Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh
Arsenal 2002B Academy
0C02-1821B02-0037   Dan Brower
 A4 Century United
Century V-Boys 2002 Gold
0C04-2011B02-1435   Ryan Kelly
 A5 SCS United
SCS United 2002/2003 Boys Black
0C15-222CB02-0012   Brian Goche